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Everything You Need To Know About Megan Fox Tattoos and Tattoo Removal

Megan's New TattoosMegan’s New TattoosMegan Fox’s Latest Tattoo

Megan Fox’s newest tattoo is her Mickey Rourke inspired Nietzsche quote tattoo located on her ribs, making it her second ribs tat, with a self-written poem on the other side.

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Megan's Rib TattoosMegan’s Rib TattoosMegan Fox’s Ribcage Tattoos

Megan Fox has 2 tattoos on her ribs! They include a Nietzsche quote on her right ribcage and a self-written poem on her left rib area. Megan Fox’s rib tattoos are the sexiest hands down.

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The Marilyn TattooThe Marilyn TattooMegan Fox’s Marilyn Monroe Tat

Megan Fox’s most memorable tattoo is the portrait of Marilyn Monroe on her right forearm. Unfortunately, this fan favorite tattoo is coming off. Find out why…

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Megan Fox Tattoo Meanings and Pics of Megan's Tattoos

Megan Fox tattoos aren't just a decoration. They are a celebration of who she is and a reminder of the important things in her life. And they may also be a jab at the people in Hollywood who aren't fans of Megan Fox's tattoos. In fact, Megan Fox's tattoos are so important to her that she has been famously quoted as saying this: “Every time I get a tattoo, it’s a little f- you to anyone who tells me not to. It’s weird to be part of Hollywood, which tries to control every aspect of people, from what they say to the color of their hair. And I like the way getting a tattoo feels. If I’m depressed, it’s nice to get one and deal with the pain. I have one all the way down to my ribs. It hurt, but it felt good – like twisting a loose tooth. I’m not kidding when I say that if I ever lose a role because of my tattoos, I’ll quit Hollywood and go to work at Costco.” We think this chick means business. Read on to find out more about Megan Fox's tattoos and their meanings! [two_third]

How Many Tattoos Does Megan Fox Have? 8 ...well, 7.5 really

[dropcap style="4" class="alignleft"]1[/dropcap]The tattoo that Megan Fox is most known for is the Shakespeare quote inked on her right shoulder blade which reads “We will all laugh at gilded butterflies.” Megan Fox's Shakespeare tattoo is an adaptation from King Lear that has been changed slightly to suit her own personality. When asked about the meaning of her back tattoo Megan Fox said it was a reminder “to not get too caught up in Hollywood because people will end up laughing at you.” And what does Megan Fox say about her tattoos in general? “My tattoos are a little f-you to anyone who tells me not to.” There you have it. [dropcap style="4" class="alignleft"]2[/dropcap] The sexiest of Megan Fox's tattoos is inked on her left ribcage and reads “there once was a little girl who never knew love until a boy broke her HEART.” The poem was written by Megan Fox herself and must have a very personal meaning, since the tattoo can rarely be seen in its entirety. Unless she's topless, of course. Megan Fox's poem tattoo was an early addition to her “tattoo collection,” and she doesn't plan to stop anytime soon. As Megan Fox says, “I like the way getting a tattoo feels...I have one all the way down to my ribs. It hurt, but it felt good – like twisting a loose tooth.” [dropcap style="4" class="alignleft"]3[/dropcap]Megan Fox's most visible tattoo is the portrait of Marilyn Monroe she had inked on her right forearm at the age of 18. Apparently, the Hollywood legend was Megan's idol throughout her childhood and young adult years, which is why Megan Fox's Marilyn tattoo means so much to her. Does it though? Megan Fox recently began laser surgery to have her forearm tattoo removed because she didn't like the “negative energy” she thought the tattoo would bring into her life. [dropcap style="4" class="alignleft"]4[/dropcap]Who knew that Brian Austin Green would end up married to Megan Fox, one of the world's sexiest actresses who is twelve years his junior? Not us! Megan Fox seems to be super committed to Brian though; she even got his name inked on her body shortly after the couple met and started dating. Megan Fox's Brian tattoo is located on her lower right hip area and has remained there since 2005, despite the couple's on-again, off-again relationship. Even when they were broken up, Megan didn't have the tat removed. As she said, she could always name a future child Brian! [dropcap style="4" class="alignleft"]5[/dropcap]The only colored tattoo Megan Fox has so far is a small crescent moon and star she has tattooed on the inside of her right ankle. According to the sexy model and actress, Megan Fox's ankle tattoo was inked as a reminder of a book that her father, Franklin Fox, used to read her when she was younger. The book had a moon and star on the back, and Megan obviously has a strong enough relationship with her seemingly estranged father to get this reminder inked on her body. Check out more pics and story behind Megan Fox's moon and star tattoo inside! [dropcap style="4" class="alignleft"]6[/dropcap]A few years back, Megan Fox got a tattoo inked on her left wrist that features two tribal waves, a tribute to the love and appreciation she has for surfing and the ocean. Some people like Megan Fox's tribal waves tattoo, but don't get too used to it; she's getting it removed! That's right, along with Megan Fox's Marilyn tattoo, she is planning on undergoing laser surgery to have her tribal waves tat removed as well. Why, you ask? Because the guy who inked it on her wrist was smoking weed throughout the session and “he didn't do it correctly,” Megan Fox says. [dropcap style="4" class="alignleft"]7[/dropcap]The rarely-seen Chinese symbol for strength that Megan has inked on the back of her neck is believed to be Megan Fox's first tattoo, which she got at age 18. Although Megan Fox's strength tattoo is one of her smallest, it is probably one of the most personal and powerful tattoos she has. Megan Fox's tattoo meaning represents remaining strong and centered regardless of what Hollywood has to throw at her. As she says, “I do have a great fear of Hollywood, just watching what it does to people. You have to be a really strong human being to survive it, as a girl especially.” It seems like Megan is doing a great job surviving Hollywood so far! [dropcap style="4" class="alignleft"]8[/dropcap]After starring alongside Mickey Rourke in the film Passion Play in 2010, Megan Fox couldn't help but get a tattoo in honor of the 57-year-old actor. The tribute to Rourke is inked on Megan's right ribcage and reads, “And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” Megan Fox's rib tattoo may be a quote from German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche, and apparently has to do with not being afraid to march to the beat of your own drummer. We're not sure if that's a compliment, but Mickey Rourke certainly doesn't seem to mind! Read more about Megan Fox's Nietzsche tattoo inside. [/two_third] [one_third_last]
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